Livermore Joint Union High School Band, 1956 Yearbook Pictures

Picture of the sax, horn, and flute section
Sax, Horn and Flute Section
Front row (left to right): 1. Susan McLaughlin, 2. Leslie Mettler, 3. Marilyn Rummell, 4. Barbara Kahn, 5. Larry Waters.
Second row: 1. Ron Acciaioli, 2. Alan Shelly, 3. Pat Chappell, 4. Linda Burns, 5. George Yanes.
Third row: 1. Leonard Becker, 2. Ralph Laughlin, 3. Ted Saselli, 4. Monte Hampton, 5. Gilbert Oliver, 6. Bruce Nofrey.
Brass section
Brass Section
Front (left to right): 1. Jim Nickerson, 2. Willis Hobbs, 3. John Foscalina, 4. Jim Armstrong, 5. Steve Phillips, 6. Bill Edwards.
Second row: 1. Ray Fereira, 2. Richard Jobe, 3. Marion Richardson.
Third row: 1. Nick Livermore, 2. Paul Thode, 3. Arthur Rosa, 4. Jim Mount, 5. William Fisk.
Picture of the officers
Band Officers
Seated (left to right): 1. Janie Knox, 2. Bill Clarke, 3. Howard Vierra.
Second row: 1. Monte Hampton, 2. Ross Harrower, 3. Donna Trahern, 4. Gerry Wilson, 5. Barbara Kahn.
Third row: 1. Paul Beebe, 2. Gene Strom, 3. Charles Foscalina.
Left to right: 1. Helen Dougherty, 2. Esther Cleek, 3. Donna Trahern, 4. Lloydeen Browning, 5. Judy Moore.
Trumpet section
Trumpet Section
Front row (left to right): 1. Roy Lambaren, 2. Nancy Holbrook.
Second row: 1. Harold Hull, 2. Gary Bell, 3. Paul Dominguez.
Third row: 1. Charles Foscalina, 2. George Greeno, 3. Eugene Strom.
Fourth row: 1. Connie Raboli, 2. Bill Clarke, 3. Kenneth Atkinson.
Clarinet Section
Front row (left to right): 1. Ross Harrower, 2. Mary Ann Strohl, 3. Geraldine Viale, 4. Beverly Fisk, 5. Nadine Silva.
Second row: 1. Larry Jordan, 2. Sharon Neill, 3. Gerry Wilson, 4. Lee Ann Ray.
Third row: 1. Edward Willy, 2. Nancy Bosley, 3. Dan Hansen, 4. Barbara Nissen, 5. John Petersen, 6. John Nelson.
Drum Section
Center: Donna Fraser.
Around (left to right): 1. Harold Sinclair, 2. Janie Knox, 3. Dallas Smith, 4. Darrell Finders, 5. Carol Mooney, 6. Paul Beebe, 7. Betty Miles.
Credits: scanned from the 1956 yearbook by Ted Saselli. If you have the original photographs, please submit them to the Archive.


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